Santa Fe Screen Doors Price List

All prices include basic installation

It’s your choice…closer, spring, eye-hook, vinyl or metal screen…you decide. We provide latilla (peeled branch) handles both inside and out.




The Alcalde Screen Door

$1,150.00  (add $100 for closer)






The Bosque Screen Door

$1,350.00  (add $100 for closer)






The Chaco Screen Door

$1,350.00  (add $100 for closer)






The Eldorado Screen Door

$1,100.00  (add $100 for closer)




galisteo-smThe Galisteo Screen Door

$1,250.00  (add $100 for closer)





The Mission Screen Door

$1,350.00  (add $100 for closer)





The Punched Tin Screen Door

$1,250.00  (add $100 for closer)





Quality wood construction

Top of the line, hand-selected 1¼” Alder


Screen Choices

Choose Metal or Vinyl screening



Regular installation included (no major modifications to existing doorway).

Jamb extension (if needed) $125.00 (standard jamb)


Stain Choices

Choose 1 to 3 stain colors from the swatches below. Please note different woods will affect the final stain appearance.

Custom Stain of your choice: $100.00 extra



We also ship our custom screen doors outside of New Mexico!

For those customers out of our immediate area, we are happy to ship a custom screen door to you. We’ll guide you through the measuring process and have your screen door sent directly to you. Call or email us to find out more.