The Galisteo


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The Galisteo screen door is made from 1¼” top of the line, hand-selected alder.

A beautiful wooden panel at the bottom half or third of the door adds durability and evokes the feeling of a country life.

Choose a hard-working closer or keep it simple with an old-time spring. Decide between metal or vinyl screen, the choice is yours.

We offer eight stains that will stand up to the elements. You choose up to three stains for your custom door.

Your door will come with hand-peeled ponderosa pine or aspen branch handles. These latilla handles are harvested from small trees to thin overgrown forests. The inside wooden crossbar fits the width of the door giving a substantial opener for your door. The outside latilla handle is smaller. Your hand fits comfortably around it.

Options for your custom screen door

Wood construction (1¼” thick):

  • Alder

Screen choices:

  • Metal wire mesh
  • Vinyl mesh

Spring choices:

  • Pressurized closer
  • Old-time spring

Stain choices:

Custom stain colors are available at a nominal charge. Please note stain colors shown are approximate representations.

  • Burnt Hickory
  • Chesapeake
  • Federal Blue
  • Frontier
  • Mountain Laurel
  • Pewter Gray
  • Shade Tree
  • Tile Red