Custom Screen Doors

logo-halo-tallSanta Fe Screen Doors are one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted screen doors built especially for you in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Each door is hand-built to withstand the test of time. Our professional installation is included.

These custom doors are crafted from hand-selected, 1¼” top of the line alder. Choose a combination of three stains or less for your personalized door. You are welcome to create your own custom stain color at a nominal charge.

Santa Fe Screen Doors offers six different styles of doors at this time: The Alcalde, The Chaco, The Eldorado, The GalisteoThe Mission and The Punched Tin. We are happy to create a door from your design as well. Let your creativity loose!

It’s your choice…stain colors, vinyl or metal screen…you decide. We provide latilla (peeled branch) handles both inside and out.

We also offer interchangeable storm door add-ons and pet doors!

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Santa Fe Screen Doors builds each door by hand in the countryside of Northern New Mexico. The character and style of the doors create a warm welcoming atmosphere to any home.

“I just wanted to let you know that I am simply LOVING my new door! It adds so much character to my breakfast room, I still do a double take when I walk by it. It is exactly what I wanted and more – and exceeded my expectations. I couldn’t be happier!”

– J. Jennings


It all started when I saw a house for sale in my hometown Santa Fe. It wasn’t really the house I saw, but the screen doors.

I was sold. It didn’t matter that the house didn’t fit my needs. The screen doors were like none I had ever seen. They were beautiful, handcrafted doors with a sense of old-world style that resonated deeply as a place to call home. I never bought the house, but I did find out who made the doors.

Robin is a master woodworker and a horse whisperer. You will never find him far from his cowboy hat, his horses or his woodworking. He and his family live in Lamy, a small, rural town in northern New Mexico.

After a while, the Santa Fe summer swept in along with flies. I knew I couldn’t live with my old and ordinary screen doors any longer. I called Robin and together we created the most beautiful, charming and sturdy doors that gave my home the entrance it deserved. And isn’t that the whole point? To create an entrance that’s warm and inviting? That was five years ago and my screen doors are still as enchanting as the day we first created them.

I love these doors so much that I wanted to bring them to you.

On this website you will see 6 different designs that we are offering. Their beauty is incomparable. Check them out for yourself; you’ll be thrilled with your doors.